Q: What are Home Owners Association Dues?
A: These are your prorated share of fees paid on a monthly basis as an owner of a condominium at The Gates at Williams Brice. These fees are also known as Regime fees.

Q. Where should payments for HOA Dues be Sent?
A: The Gates at Williams-Brice
c/o Office
1085 Shop Road 
Columbia, SC 29201

Q: Who governs the HOA?
A: A group of residents serve as the board of directors of the HOA. They work in conjunction with DC Taylor Realty, Inc. - The Gates HOA management company. Click here for more information on who serves on The Gates board of directors

Q: How do I become a part of the HOA Board of Directors?
A: You may contact Elona Winn in the on-site HOA management office for more information.

Q: What are typical HOA fees?
A: Fees range from $320/month to $478/month. The price is determined by square footage of the unit and yard supplement if applicable.

Q: What are my HOA dues used for?
A: Expenses paid for and built into the Home Owner's Association Budget include: structural insurance, game day activities, basic cable TV, internet, water/sewer/trash, landscape maintenance, maintenance, on-site security (limited hours) and electricity for all common elements such as the pool, hot tub, fitness center and TV Lounge.

Q: Do we have a reserve in our HOA assessment? Why is this important?
A: The biggest reason to have reserves for the association include but not limited to, future opportunity to sell or refinance your property. Lenders will ask for a statement from the Association detailing the reserve funds in place. Lenders do not like to lend to buyers if there are not reserves or even sufficient reserves allowing the cost to make repairs that may be necessary to the property while they have a Mortgage on it. In short, without reserves for the association, you will most likely have a very difficult time either selling or refinancing your property.

Q: How much of my monthly HOA fees go into the reserve account?
A: The current budget calls for a total of approximately $76,004.00 annually to be paid into the reserve fund so that there will be money to fund repairs and replacements to things like roofs, paint, exterior maintenance, driveways, security features, pool, fitness center equipment, etc., well into the future.

Q: Who will manage the Home Owners Association?
A: DC Taylor Realty which is run by Donnette Taylor (owner and Broker-In-Charge) will manage The Gates Condominium Association. Donnette has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in Condominium Association Management throughout the Columbia, South Carolina area. Donnette  can be reached for further questions at (803) 973-2186.